The kitchen, Alchemy at home

Have you ever asked yourself why, from 3vedicas, the RECIPES section is an important part of our project?

Perhaps many of you have asked us for ideas, suggestions of a diet with the principles of Ayurveda, and this is partly so but we also believe that cooking is creativity and chemistry, pure alchemy. Many times we are inspired to cook and create. Other times it is more the obligation that drives us to do it.

Regardless of your predisposition towards food preparation, we must always bear in mind that “we are what we eat” and that “our daily food is the real medicine”. For this, it is important the conscious intention that we have when  preparing and cooking our food, whether it is for personal consumption or for the family, and it goes without saying for our friends around some celebration.

In times of autumn and spring, it is always good to gather around what is known as “Pizza Party” and this can be the excuse for meeting and preparation among all to then share with anecdotes and experiences while enjoying the work done.

Here we share the recipe of one of our followers who was encouraged to reveal for 3vedicas.es their magnificent pizzas, which we had the pleasure to taste and savor between unforgettable stories.

There you go.. Bon apettit!


AYURVEDA PIZZA * (6 people)

Preparation time 2 hours (approx.)



  •     1 kg of organic spelt flour (always wholemeal or any other such as kamut)
  •     560 ml litre of cold water
  •     25 gr. of salt
  •     25 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  •     14 g of fresh baker’s yeast
  •     Organic tomato in sauce 
  •     Fresh oregano
  •     Organic fresh cheese for pizza (Italian) or mozzarella
  •     Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia)
  •     Spices: cumin


In a large bowl put some of the wheat flour. Leave about 4 tablespoons of flour apart to fatten the dough.

With a spoon make a hole in the center of the bowl and pour the yeast dissolved in water.

Beat the dough with a wooden spoon from the centre outwards and slowly mix in the flour.

Add the extra virgin olive oil and salt. It is important that the salt and yeast do not come into direct contact so as not to have problems in the fermentation process.

Continue stirring what is starting to be the dough, for now it will be a sticky but firm mixture. Here we can add the seeds and cumin to make the dough more digestible.

We prepare the area where we are going to knead, for example the kitchen countertop is perfect.

Once we knead, there is a big roll and this is covered and placed in a warm place. It can be near the hot oven, so it raises. This process can take about 45 minutes to an hour. After this time can be divide this roll into 6 small rolls. They are stretched individually. Add some oil on the roaster/baking sheet. Place the roll stretched there with a little tomato sauce and some oregano. Put it in the oven to brown the dough and when it is previously cooked, remove it from the oven and add the cheese and ingredients previously prepared.

*Note: what makes this pizza that is Ayurveda are the ingredients, if these are carefully selected, with the best quality and taking care of seasonal products and proximity, as well as the intention with which it is prepared and the context and environment of preparation. All this together, is what makes your food food, because in this way it nourishes body, mind and spirit.

For this Autumn season we recommend our suggestion.

OPTION A. Onion and mozzarella cheese with fresh oregano.

OPTION B. Sheep cheese with fresh tomatoes from the local garden with organic corn and black olives, also from the local garden.

Bon Apetit!