The Ayurvedic Massage is a set of techniques of spreading oil and manipulation of the patient that are part of this wonderful medicine for more than 5000 years.

In this section we want to teach you the different treatments that exist in Ayurveda, on the one hand we have the treatments made by a Therapist that are:

  •      ABHYANGA; Relaxing massage of the whole body that is made with hot oils. 
  •     KAYASEKA; Oil fluid in the form of a continuous stream throughout the body.
  •     PINDAS; Encouragement throughout the body by applying energetic friction with small fabric bags (pindas).
  •     UDVARTANA; Energetic body massage with dry herbal powder. It can also be applied wet.
  •     SHIROBASTI; Pouring and keeping warm oil on the head.
  •     SHIRO ABHYANGA; Head massage with warm oil.
  •     SHIRODHARA; Continuous application of a fluid (oil, milk) on the forehead.
  •     NETRABASTI; Application of Ghee in the eye.
  •     HRDBASTI; Spread oil in the thorax region.
  •     KATIBASTI; Spread oil in the lumbar region.
  •     MANYABASTI; Spread oil in the cervical region.
  •     JANUBASTI; Spread oil in the knees.

On the other hand we have the treatments that can be done at home and can be part of a daily routine. Here there are two aspects: on the one hand, healthy habits within our lives, and on the other hand treatments that we must apply periodically due to an imbalance of our body. These treatments are:

  •     NASYA; Putting a substance (fluid, dust or smoke) into the nostrils.
  •     KARNAPOORAN; inserting oil or ghee in the ears.
  •     GANDUSHA; Placement of fluid (oil, infusions) in the oral cavity.
  •     LEPAS; Local application of a paste.
  •     OLEATION; Application of oil throughout the body.

One of the reasons why this website was born is to explain, in a simple way, the steps to followe to do your own therapy at home, always under the supervision of a therapist, who will be the one to indicate the substance and the quantity you need.

The different treatments we are talking about are made with different products depending on the patient’s imbalance So, in Ayurveda we can find:

  •   OIL; sesame, coconut, mustard.
  •     GHEE; Clarified butter
  •     MAJJA; Pith
  •     VASA, subcutaneous fat.
  •     PINDAS; Fabric sacks
  •     Etc…

We invite you to join us into the wonderful Ayurveda world of treatments and discover all their benefits.