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  • Post published:February 3, 2020
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It’s summer already! The good weather has arrived, and with it, the heat and the sun.  In this season we must take into account that Pitta is aggravated by the hot quality, and Vata accumulates due to dryness, so when it comes to eating you must take into account to choose more oily foods, providing your body more hydration, and cold foods to refresh you(cold attribute, refreshing effect for the body, we do not refer to cold foods from the refrigerator or freezer). It should also be taken into account that Agni (digestive fire), is weaker, so we should not abuse heavy foods, always looking for the lightest.

At this time of the year, nature provides us with different fruits and vegetables. From 3vedicas we want to offer you two different ways to take them, taking into account all the above.

Ayurveda recommends us to eat the whole fruit, by bite. If we make juices or milkshakesthey should be seasoned with spices and herbs. We understand that nowadays smoothies and milkshakes are on trend, so we suggest in this post the most appropriate way to take them, bearing in mind that they are not recommended for every day, since the ideal is to eat the whole fruit between hours, preferably at mid-morning or early in the morning, and not to mix them.

Fruits provide a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals to our diet, being an easy and pleasant way to start the day well. 

The smoothies, something that has entered with force lately in our gastronomy is another form of being able to extract potential to your diet, but in this case, it is necessary to consider some guidelines that ayurveda gives us. Cow’s milk and fruit are incompatible, when we mix them the acid effect of the fruit causes the milk to be cut, that is why an obstructive effect is created in our organism and therefore harmful for you.  That’s why we advise you to always use vegetable milks such as oats, rice, almonds, coconut…

Making this post, 3vedicas has realized the need to write a later article explaining in more detail the pros and cons of taking all these types of fruit and vegetable juices, which a priori are very beneficial, but in reality are not so much if we do not follow some guidelines according to our constitution and the time of year in which we are.




  •     100 gr of Paraguayans 
  •     100 gr of carrot
  •     100 gr of Cucumber
  •     a few sprigs of coriander
  •     some water


Cut the ingredients and put them in the blender glass and beat them. 




  •     150 gr of pineapple
  •     150 gr of mango
  •     a few sprigs of coriander
  •     100 ml of coconut milk


Cut the ingredients and put them in the blender glass and beat them. 



You must know that the ingredients we have used are good for any of the 3 Doshas in summer and we advise you to take them alone, either as breakfast or as a nutritious snack. The amounts are indicative, as it will depend on your taste when putting more or less of an ingredient.