"Let food be your medicine." Ayurveda Proverb


This training in Ayurvedic Nutrition is addressed to all those who are looking for a deeper and more technical knowledge on Ayurvedic nutrition, both for personal and professional use.


Our goal is to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to use the guidelines that Ayurveda gives us about food in a correct and critical way. That is why we give a lot of importance to learning and how to determine them, as well as to the bases of food theory.

Being faithful to Ayurveda, without westernizing or varying its principles, respecting and understanding this great philosophy as our teachers have done. And as many countries in Europe and around the world, as well as WHO, they recognize Ayurveda today, being used in different hospitals, for example in Switzerland it can be a great tool in our days.

Always respecting the previous knowledge of the student and giving time and space for him to understand the essence of this philosophy as he needs it.


(150h: 80 hours in person and 70h of home study)

  • Las Medicinas Tradicionales
  • La situación actual del Ayurveda: ejercicio profesional, educación e investigación
  • Fundamentos humanísticos: Historia, Filosofía y Antropología del Ayurveda.

Estructura y funcionamiento del cuerpo humano:

  • 5 elementos
  • los 3 doshas
  • los subdoshas
  • los 7 dhātus/tejidos
  • srota/canales
  • mala/producto desecho
  • los gunas
  • -Ojas y el concepto de “sistema inmunológico” (vyadhikshamatwa siddhanta)
  • rutinas según las estaciones
  • rutina diária
  • rutina nocturna
  • rutina ética
  • rutina sexual
  • Teoría de los alimentos y sabores: rasa, vipāka, vīrya, prabhāva, guṇa, karma
  • La digestión: agni y āma
  • Alimentación vegetariana
  • Los alimentos y la mente
  • Alimentos incompatibles
  • Especias
  • Frutas
  • Verduras
  • Cereales
  • Legumbres
  • Otros productos alimentarios (huevo, lácteos, carnes y pescados)
  • Alimentación según la constitución y la estación.
  • Alimentación durante la gestación y el puerperio.
  • Alimentación con acción desintoxicante.
  • ¿Cómo preparar un menú?
  • Recetas: ghee y kitchari


The course will take place during 6 weekends, one to the month from November to April, and in May there will be  a retreat to conclude the formation and put into practice all that has been worked on.

During the theoretical sessions, the fundamentals will be exposed with explanations always interspersed with examples and exercises, both in groups and individual, to make the learning more enjoyable and deeper. We will also have debates to share and contrast certain points of the program.

There will be multiple times of questions and answers to solve the doubts that will arise.

Each student will have at the beginning of the weekend the program that will be given during those two days. We will try as a general rule to have a dynamic and motivating atmosphere


The sessions will be held one weekend a month.

  • Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 15a to 18h
  • Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Next edition in autumn 2020.

Ask for all the information and book your place now.


In Badalona, in the center of Yoga el Galpón.Calle de la Providencia, 63, 08912 Badalona, Barcelona


The price of 6 weekends and the retreat is 1100 euros if paid in a single payment at the beginning of the formation.

If you prefer you can pay in two instalments and the price would be of 1175 euros, paying at first 50% and before the fifth weekend the second fraction.

Finally if you prefer to pay each weekend separately, it is also possible, paying each weekend 175 euros except the retreat that would be 200 euros.

The complete price includes the dossier that will be given every  weekend, and during the retreat, the dinner on Friday, Saturday meals and breakfast and lunch on Sunday, as well as accomodation in a farmhouse in a nature environment.


For all those who require a certification of the completion of the training will be given a qualification accredited by the team of 3vedicas. This certification offers the professional support of our teacher and mentor Dr. Mahesh Patil, doctor Ayurveda and practicioner resident in Pune, India.

In order to obtain this qualification, you must have attended at least 80% of the sessions and the retreat. As well as having acquired the knowledge and all skills related to training, all this will be evaluated every weekend during the proposed exercises. At various times during the training written tests will be done, which must be passed by 70%.

In any case, it will always be possible to retake all those activities that are not passed at the time.

If for personal reasons it is not possible to attend the weekend, or some  hours, this will be recorded and sent to the student so he can continue the training without problems.

If you are interested please contact us through our contact form and we will answer your questions and we will let you know how to proceed with the registration.

Limited places.

Si estas interesado ponte en contacto con nosotras a través de nuestro formulario de contacto y responderemos a tus dudas y te haremos saber cómo proceder a la inscripción.

Plazas limitadas.