According to Ayurveda, India’s traditional medicine, a person’s constitution is the inherent balance between the three Doshas (energies that govern the body’s biological processes) of the individual. In other words, each person has a specific balance of these three doshas (in the physical, physiological, psychological and emotional aspects) from birth to death. If this balance is disturbed these doshas become unbalanced and can create pathologies. Depending on the person’s constitution one may be more inclined to be a vegetarian or to eat spicy foods, or conversely have heartburn when eating them. It also determines how we relate to the environment and to others. The person who knows how to keep his doshas in balance will have health and harmony, and will create the right environments so that they do not become unbalanced. We are not only what we eat, but we are everything that enters us through the senses, and depending on our constitution we will interpret it in one way or another. Therefore a good Ayurveda therapy will not only be based on recommendations about food, but also on routines and habits that are favorable for your constitution. There are three doshas, ​​but each individual is a unique blend between them. For each of them different routines and diets are recommended, as well as habits and therapies adapted to the constitution. The three basic types of constitution are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. People with a lot of nature vata has predominance of cold, light, dry and mobile qualities. So they are easily cold, often have low body weight with long and narrow bones. They can be very tall or very short. They often have dry skin and tendency to constipate with gas. Their character is mobile and they talk a lot! They can have easily have mood swings and fears, as well as a tendency to lose their nerves, and have difficulty concentrating. People with a strong Pitta inside their constitution are prone to heat, so this internal heat can build up in the intestines and make it easy to have diarrhea. They have a moderate physical constitution, and a good muscle development. Their skin is sensitive and thin, and they can have yellowish skin tones. The appetite is strong and can get angry if they do not eat when it’s time! They have a good concentration and very clear ideas. People with Kapha nature have the heavy, cold, slow and humid attributes more manifested. So they have highly developed musculature and a robust body, being able to be overweight more easily. They are slower in movement, not very spontaneous, sweet and quiet. So we people re related in very different ways according to our constitutions, a kapha person will easily be overwhelmed when a vata person arrives in a hurry, on the contrary a Pitta person will quickly look for a way to solve the situation. In spite of the natural differences between all of us, whether in the aspect personality or in the physical one, we are all in constant evolution to improve and enjoy our health and mental calm. So given our birth constitution or Prakruti, we can learn from our most destructive natural tendencies and guide them to growth and harmony, both with others and with our environment. Knowing ourselves is the way to freedom, to free ourselves from the ego. Each person has his talents, the Vatas have a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, the Pita have more facility to control the mind, and they can be great leaders; whereas the Kapha are all love and kindness. We are all unique and we have a unique combination of the three Doshas. By understanding our constitution we can better choose the foods that are right for us, the colors, aromas and sounds that balance us. Health is our natural state, and disease tells us that we are out of balance. Ayurveda is the way to restore harmony.