Recommended books to expand knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga.


Book in Spanish. Simple and complete introduction to Ayurveda by the famous Ayurvedic doctor Vasant Lad, an important disseminator of Ayurveda worldwide.

Book in Spanish. Introduction to Ayurveda by Prachitti Kinnikar, Ayurveda educator and doctor in Spain.




Introductory book to the use of herbs within Ayurvedic nutrition and medicine. With practical uses and a very complete list of the most used herbs. In Spanish.



Recipe book classified by Doshas. Basic book with balanced recipes. In Spanish.





Book in Catalan, translation from Sanskrit. A very beautiful book with aphorisms that help us to go deeper into each sutra. In addition, at the end has the translation of some Upanishads, Vedic teachings.




Book translated from Sanskrit into Spanish, with very enlightening comments on each sutra. Highly recommendable  translation.






Book in Spanish. Translation of the Baghavad Guita, a classic text within Yoga and Vedanta philosophy. Contains comments from Yogananda.


Very practical book on how to apply Yoga as a therapy and to help balance doshas and correct bad postures.