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What is an Ayurveda consultation like?

Many of you wonder what an Ayurveda consultation is about and what it is for. Here in 3vedicas we briefly explain what it is.

Traditionally Ayurvedic doctors make their consultations in order to determine the prakruti or constituent biotype of the person and vikruti, which is the imbalance that may present at that time. To do this, he asks a series of questions aimed at exploring his way of life at the present time and at the different periods of his life to form a tree which gives information about the state of the patients. It will ask about the current and previous diet, their habits of daily routines, work and leisure routine habits and your sleep pattern. It will basically ask about the physical, the psychological and the physiological. The objective is to discover their weakness and thus be able to adjust their diet, if they need to put a treatment and will provide guide on how to maintain a healthy routine from Ayurveda.

Treatments are based on providing herbs, medicated oils and recommendations for spreading oils which include massages, bastis, nasya, etc.

The consultations that we can offer you from 3Vedicas can be online or in person.

We have two formats for them, one of which is designed to let you know your constitution so that you can find out which foods suit you best and thus prevent future illnesses. The other goes deeper and depends if you have imbalance, in this case we can guide you with specific Ayurvedic medicines in addition to food. These consultations are supervised by our reference Ayurveda physician, Dr. Mahesh Patil.

Find your balance and keep it!

Encourage yourself to have this experience with 3Vedics! Give yourself health, give yourself Ayurveda.

¡Encuetra tu equilibrio y manténlo!
¡Anímate a tener esta experiencia con 3Vedicas! Regálate salud, regálate Ayurveda.


This study is aimed at people who want to improve their diet taking into account their constitution and their daily routines, which today, are often difficult to change. Thus Ayurveda adapts to your life to maintain a healthy body and a healthy and calm mind.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 50 euros


If due to a bad diet or inadequate routines you have favored imbalance and want to return to the state of health and well-being, Ayurveda is a good alternative. With its knowledge it will help you not to continue unbalancing your body as well as returning (whenever possible) to the state of balance that belongs to you.

Duration: A 1.5-hour consultation and a second consultation of 1 hour.

Price: 80 euros for both consultations.


Once the first consultation has been made, we must not give up. It is important to be aware of the signs that our body offers us and if we listen, we will be able to observe how we are feeling better.

Running time: about 45 minutes.

Price: to consult, depends on the case.


Since nowadays we lack of hours to do everything we want, and the organization within the home is complex, we offer online consultations. This way you don’t have to travel and you can find a time for yourself more easily.