It is clear that the study of Ayurveda medicine has been the great trigger and although we did the first seminars separately, already in our third year we met as students and as people.

From our friendship also arose the concern to be able to tell our patients many more necessary and interesting things that during our consultations we could not offer because of the time it requires.

We had the need to join forces and create a place to share knowledge, knowledge coherent with the school where we come from and away from personal interpretations and prejudices. The idea we pursue is to remain faithful to Ayurveda and its roots, and not allow the time and vices that one is catching with his patients to let us spread this great wisdom wrongly.

One to one and hand in hand with each other, we joined this project, illuminated by the light of the knowledge of Saraswati (Hindu Goddess) and with the support of our teacher and mentor Dr. Mahesh Patil, Ayurvedic physician based in Pune, India. He has taught us authentic Ayurveda and from whom we continue to learn constantly.

Thus we open the doors to all those who want to accompany us on this journey full of curiosity and adventure, to give you a hand on this path, and a small push if needed and let yourself fly when you have already integrated this beautiful path in your life.

Eliana D'Alessandro

Koro Goñi

Isabel Santanach