When the food is bad, the medicine does not work. When the diet is good, medicine is not necessary ”  Ayurveda proverb.


Food is essential in Ayurveda, it is part of the treatment, both to prevent and to help balance in a disease. It is very important to know when we eat, how much we eat and above all, what we eat.

In consultation, the therapist recommends a series of food depending on Dosha, and the imbalance of the patient. That is where the need to create this section arises.

We want to make life easier for all those people who need a good diet, but who do not know how to mix the food that suit them.

We often have met patients who ask us for recipes to carry out their diet, people who have never cooked quinoa for instance, or who do not know what to do with millet. Well, here is our recipe book.

Bon Appetit !!!