The basic attributes of the summer correspond to Pitta dosha, therefore, this season unbalances above all pitta, since it increases in our organism. Due to the heat, the routine should be balancing of this dosha. We should not forget that Vata dosha can also be affected by the dryness of the summer environment.

In this season, mornings are fresh and should be taken advantage of.  It is advisable to get up early, around 5 a.m., and follow the advice we propose. Obviously the food diet we should follow will be the one that reduces Pitta, with fresh and good quality food.

The routines for summer days are:


  • Brushing teeth with a bitter, astringent and refreshing toothpaste from plants such as neem or mint.
  •     Then we clean the tongue with a silver or steel utensil, both refreshing as well.
  •     To strengthen the gums we fill our mouths with coconut oil at room temperature (if we keep our eyes on the coconut oil it is in liquid state when it is summer, so it tells us when to do this practice). We keep it a couple of minutes before spitting it out, trying to pass oil through the mouth with gentle movements.
  •     Massage the gums with the index finger with the residual oil.
  •     Then drink a glass of water at room temperature, to stimulate our Agni (link), and thus promote a good disposal of waste.


  • Vigorous physical exercise is not recommended, only in the early morning because it unbalances Pitta in excess.
  •     Gentle exercise is better, like walking, swimming, and doing gentle yoga.
  •     It is good to do yoga and pranayama before taking a shower, so we allow the body to cool down at the end.


  • Before the shower we will have a gentle massage all over the body with coconut or sunflower oil.
  • We take a shower with warm water and we remove the residual oil with aneem or sandalwood soap, these soaps help to keep the skin hydrated with the oil. A prolonged shower with hot water should be avoided.
  •     After the shower we put a drop of sandalwood oil on the crown and each chakra, these areas are sensitive to heat and with this oil we avoid the accumulation of Pitta dosha. Jasmine and vetiver oil are also a good alternative.
  •     Dress in pale and soft colors, also cold colors such as blue, violet, green, grey… Avoid red, yellow and orange. Try to make sure that the clothes allow air to flow through the skin, i.e., that they are not too tight.
  •     Avoid that the sun touches the skin for a long time to avoid heat absorption.
  •     After getting dressed we should meditate or pray. A quiet and passive meditation.


  •     We have to keep cool.
  •     Avoid getting angry in general, but especially in summer, since this is the season of anger.If we have to talk about something that bothers us when the sun has set, in the moonlight, listening to relaxing music will help us.
  •     If you want to make decisions it is better in the morning or at night that the atmosphere is cooler, because in fact new projects are better established in spring.
  •     If you drink alcohol, beer cools the kidneys, if not accompanied by food, other alcohols should be drunk in small quantities and only wine. As far as possible reduce alcohol to a minimum.
  •     Wear sandalwood or red coral necklaces, with pearls, which are refreshing. Also amethysts, moonstone, malachite, or silver will help to balance Pitta.
  • Sandalwood oil goes very well for calming Pitta, you can perfume your clothes with its aroma to be able to breathe it all day.
  •     Before going to sleep we can take the Triphala or Amalaki coumpound (one of the three fruits of the Triphala compound) that will help us to balance Pitta. Half an hour after dinner and two hours before bedtime.
  •     During this season, ayurvedic literature does not recommend us to have much sex. Romanticism is adequate, but sexual activity is recommended less than in winter, as the heat causes Pitta. If practiced better at dusk or night.


  •     We can go to bed later.
  •     We can rub coconut oil on the front and feet before going to bed to stay cool.
  •     It is advisable to sleep on the right side.
  •     We can put jasmine flowers or roses on the sheets, and apply a few drops of sandalwood oil on the pillow.

Balancing pitta will help us to maintain social relations, with friends and partner, clearer and without prejudice. That will help us to have an open mind to understand others and without judging, to be able to listen to help others, without criticism or envy, with more serenity.

This is the general Ayurvedic routine in summer. Every summer is different, therefore these routines are flexible. On a cool day food with cayenne pepper will not be as harmful as on a warm day. However, those herbs that increase Pitta should not be eaten regularly in summer.