The queen of seasons is spring. During this season, Mother Earth wakes up and Udana Vayu (a subtype of Vata that moves energy upwards) causes flowering and growth. Spring is warm, soft and full of color, especially green. It is a time for growth, trying out new experiences and starting a new life. People in general feel energetic and reborn after winter, it is a good time to plant, observe the beauty of nature and listen to the birds sing. To go for a walk, as people feel energetic.

Due to the warmer climate, the snow accumulated in winter melts and there is a predominance of Kapha dosha in the atmosphere. Similarly, if we have Kapha accumulated in the body, it liquefies and leaves the body, creating spring colds and allergies. That is why it is good to perform a detoxification or cleansing of the body in this season.

Spring also allows us to see how the flowers release their pollen and fragrance into the air, making Vata and Pitta peple joyful. The constitution with a predominance Kapha, like all people with Kapha accumulated during the winter due to bad habits, will have fevers and spring allergies. Panchakarma helps a lot in these cases as well as inhalation fumes from cinnamon, rose and clove dust. These are Kapha balancing herbs. It is also very good to make gandusha (link) with honey and hot water, or water with turmeric and salt (one spoonful of each).

Nasya (link) is also very useful for removing kapha accumulated in the nose, sinuses and head area, you can use Vacha oil, or a saline solution.

Trikatu compound, made from ginger, black pepper and pippali (long pepper), is a good mixture to pacify Kapha, increase digestion and eliminate toxins. An infusion of cumin-cilantro-fennell is very good as it is a bit of a diuretic and also helps us cleanse the body. Sitopaladi and eucalyptus are also very practical.

In general spring is a healthy season though, except for Kapha people or people with an existing Kapha imbalance. Pitta people will enjoy the first part of spring more, as the second part may be too hot, while Vatapeople will feel good throughout the season. If we remove Kapha excess during the pre-spring period, the incidence of allergies, high fevers and colds will be reduced. Diet is very important in this process.

Spring tips:

  •     It is recommended to get up early and after cleaning your teeth and tongue, take a walk.
  •     Abhyanga (link) with sesame or sunflower oil and take a hot shower, using neem soap.
  •     Yoga asanas that reduce Kapha dosha.
  •     Pranayama and meditation.
  •     Active exercise is important during spring because it is also the period of meda dhatu (adipose tissue), and this can be increased.
  •     Hot water with honey to cleanse the body every morning while fasting.
  •     Finish meals with a lassi (mixture of yogurt and water) with powdered ginger.
  •     Infusion of ginger and cinnamon with honey.
  •     Make fasts of one day or half-day (not eating anything solid from after lunch until breakfast the next day) with apple juice or pomegranate, one each week.
  •     Avoid cold drinks and ice cream.
  •     Sleeping during the day increases Kapha and slows down digestion, so naps in general are not recommended.
  •     Air conditioning in late spring is not good as it can unbalance Kapha.

As spring progresses and the heat becomes more intense we must change from a spring diet to a summer diet, which keeps pitta dosha under control. That’s why in this season we have to be attentive and observe our routine daily, to keep us in balance

Happy Spring!