Nasya is a Sanskrit word that comes from “naasa” meaning “nose”. Itis the introduction of a substance into the nostrils that can be either fluid, powder or smoke. There are many benefits in this technique, but the most prominent are: its rejuvenating effect, especially on the sensory organs, the prevention of eye and ear diseases and the improvement of the voice.

   Nasya is a therapy that is indicated by therapists to include in what we call “daily routine”, which are a series of habits that we should do in our daily life to prevent diseases and to treat mild symptoms. This technique Nasya is indicated for conditions of the supraclavicular area but it is also for the aggravation of Vata dosha, neurological and psychiatric diseases in general. Nasya is one of the five steps of panchakarma (which translated would be “five actions”). It is a detoxification of the body and mind).

 Depending on the product and the amount that is introduced into the nostrils, one effect or another will be achieved. The products are:

– Navan nasya when adding oil or ghee.

– Avapidan nasya if it is juice from a fresh product.

– Pradhaman nasya when it’s dust.

– Dhoom nasya is to inhale smoke.

  Snehan navan nasya is indicated for aggravation of Vata dosha on the head. The dose varies depending on the severity and goes from a minimum of eight drops in each nostril, in therapeutic doses sixteen drops and maximum with thirty-two drops. It is beneficial for:

– Facial paralysis.

– Dryness in the oral cavity.

– Nose Affectations.

– Eyelid disorders.

– Otalgia, Aquaphene.

– Alopecia, gray hair, dandruff.

   Sodhana navan nasya is related to the aggravation of Kapha in the head and throat. Your doses can range from 4 drops in each nostril to a maximum of eight drops, and it is for:

– Headaches.

– Sinusitis.

– Epilepsy.

– Parasitosis.

– Symptoms such as heaviness, drowsiness, etc.

 is called pratimarsha nasya. It can even be done twice a day at any time of the year and at any age. Depending on the time of day when it is done, it will give some benefits or others:

– Before sunrise it reduces Kapha accumulated from the night.

– After brushing teeth it strengthens and refreshes teeth and gums.

– Before leaving home, it prevents allergic manifestations caused by dust, pollen and pollution.

– After a nap, it reduces heaviness.

– At night, it soothes the mind and strengthens sleep.

– After exercising, it reduces fatigue.

On the other hand there are contraindications of nasya, which are:

– Indigestion.

– Presence of amoeba or toxin, for example in the first phase of fever, it increases amoeba.

– Hunger and thirst.

– Physical exhaustion.

– After a bath or head wash

– Gestation.

Steps to follow to become nasya yourself:

1- We put warm sesame oil on our face; nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin and neck.

2 – Steam the areas mentioned above, either with a special appliance or with a pot of hot water.

3- Lie down and place your head inclined backwards, so that the oil can penetrate well.

4- Cover one nostril and in the other introduce some warm drops of the product we need. Both the amount of drops and the product should be indicated by a therapist depending on what effect we want to achieve.

5- Inhale with the whole in which we have introduced the product, strong, about three times, so that it penetrates well in the nasal cavity.

6- Repeat the same with the other nostril.

7- We keep ourselves for a moment in the lying position.

8- We incorporate ourselves and spit out the remains of fluid that we have accumulated in our mouth. It is not correct to swallow the product we are using.

There are a number of guidelines that should be followed after doing nasya, such as drinking warm water and maintaining a light diet. As well as some contraindications that are drinking cold liquids, sleeping, exposure to the wind and dust or washing your head.

At 3vedicas we encourage you to introduce this technique as part of your daily routine. In the morning or at night, following the steps we have indicated and with only two drops of warm sesame oil in each nostril, the practice will help you maintain balance and prevent many diseases.