Karnapooran is a Sanskrit word meaning “to put oil in the ears”. It is a technique used in Ayurveda and consists of introducing oil or ghee into the ear canals. It is used as a treatment for imbalance and it is the therapist who tells the patient the amount of time, how many times and what oil.


The indications for this therapy are:

  •             Earache.
  •             Stiff neck.
  •             Cerumen blockage.
  •             Wax or excess wax removal.
  •             Ear congestion.
  •             Tinnitus.
  •             Meniere’s disease.
  •             Hearing loss.
  •             Headache.
  •             Migraine.
  •             Neck pain.
  •             Jaw pain.
  •             Weakness of the acoustic nerve.
  •             Vertigo.
  •             Vata Diseases.
  •             Body balance disorders (dizziness, lightheadedness, and loss of balance).

The contraindications are:

  •             Perforated eardrum.
  •             Ear lesion.
  •             Cuts in the skin of the ears.
  •             Ear injuries.
  •             Burns affecting the ears.

When secretions and otitis are present, it is preferable to clean the duct with a cotton wool soaked in turmeric powder. An ear infection can be treated, but always with a specific pre-medicated oil.

The best time to apply the oil in the treatment is at night and the way to do this oleation at home is as follows:

1- The person remains lying down with the head tilted over the ear to be treated.

2- Check that the ear canal is completely dry and there are no other signs of infection.

3- Pour the warm oil continuously and keep it for the time indicated by the therapist.

4- Remove the oil by turning the head away from the treated ear using cotton wool.

5- Introduce a cotton wool for about two minutes to protect the ear.

6- Repeat the same operation on the other ear if necessary.

After this treatment it is advisable to protect the ear from wind and cold temperatures.

Karnapooran is very beneficial for ear disorders. It helps to treat diseases such as tinnitus, improves hearing quality, aids in hearing loss and reduces frequent ear infections in addition to many other benefits provided by this millenial treatment.