Two ancient remedies for mouth care.

In Ayurveda there are two very similar treatments that help to take care of the mouth. As we have already talked in some other article, in Ayurveda there is the “daily routine” which are habits that we must incorporate into our daily lives to take care of our health. Gandusha and Kavala, are two techniques that should be incorporated into our routine, depending on whether or not we have any pathology.

Kavala is a mouthwash, with sesame oil that has qualities; hot, spicy, unctuous, bitter and sweet, it is ideal for Vata dosha and does not excessively aggravate Kapha. It is preventive, consists of introducing a liquid in the mouth without filling it completely and serves among other things for:

– Complete oral cleansing to reduce the presence of Vata dosha.

– Strengthen gums and teeth.

– It enhances the perception of taste.

– It helps with the temporomandibular joint.

– The voice.

Gandusha is a little more complicated to perform, sometimes it could even be uncomfortable depending on the patient’s sensitivity. It is applied when there is a pathology (imbalance) as a treatment, that is why it has greater therapeutic applications such as:

– Dental diseases.

– Stomatitis.

– Oral dryness.

– Alterations in the sense of taste.

– Neck pain and stiffness.

– Mouth aphtha/thrush.

In Gandusha, sesame oil can be used, but if there is an imbalance of Kapha dosha, then we can use cinnamon, clove or turmeric decoctions, depending on the pathology.

Steps to follow to make Gandusha yourself:

1- Massage the face with warm oil.

2- Gently heat the face with steam or a wet towel.

3- Ingest th oil or warm decoction until it completely fills the oral cavity and keep it until  symptoms of secretions appear through the nose and eyes.

4- Spit out the liquid.

5- Repeat the process three, five or seven times (depending on the therapist’s guidelines).

6- Gentle massage on the face and neck with warm oil.

7- Gently heat the face and neck with steam or wet towel.

If the treatment is not applied correctly, some contraindications may arise, such as:

– Heaviness.

– Sialorrhea.

– Decreased sense of taste.

Other substances that we can use are:

– Milk (instead of sesame oil).

– Decoction of turmeric in inflammatory processes such as gingivitis.

– Different medicated oils.

Remember that Kavala is preventive and you can use it in your daily routine, but if you notice that you have an imbalance do not hesitate to contact 3vedicas and we will help you find the most appropriate treatment and substances.