Are you going on a trip?

Take ayurveda with you.

In these times, it is very common that on the one hand, we do things through the computer: online shopping, online courses or online work. However, it is also likely to travel more often for the same reasons. Some constitutions suffer more than others when it comes to travel.

Can you imagine which one and why?

Exactly, Vata energy, which is air in movement, light and spacious, will be more affected when it comes to increasing those elements that are part of its nature. Regardless of your constitution, whether it is predominant Vata or Vata as a second dosha, it will be good for you to take these ayurveda tips into account when taking a medium and/or long distance train, a car trip whether you are the driver or not, an airplane trip lasting 2 or 20 hours. From 3vedicas we explain what you should take into account at this time and how to prepare your trip:


1-. Prepare a digestive herb kit to use, either during or after the trip. These may include: nutmeg, chamomile, fennel, fresh ginger and cumin. Prepare yourself an infusion once you arrive at your destination.

Among these digestive herbs, cardamom is very good, for example, if you often get dizzy and nauseous. Chewing a few grains of cardamom will keep you stable and decrease this discomfort.

Ginger is a travel ally as it maintains the digestive fire (agni)from being disturbed by movement and air. If your problem has to do with constipation and taking into account that the increase in dryness (Vata) makes the intestinal movement worse when travelling, ginger will be your ideal companion.

If you want, you can chew some fresh ginger before flying.

2-. Also if you have a tendency to get constipated when you travel, remember to take triphala (link) (Ayurvedic compound) with you, and start taking it a few days before, half a spoonful of dessert each night before sleeping.

3-. Due to the slight dehydration caused by flying or the trip you take, make sure you drink enough liquid, as long as this liquid is not caffeinated as caffeine also tends to increase Vata and promotes dryness.

4-. Finally, to take care and balance Vata, take a small bottle of sesame oil with you and when you reach your destination, rub some of this warm oil on your scalp and the soles of your feet. Vata, being mobile and light, will compensate for this attribute in the right place, allowing you to nourish and connect with the earth through your feet.


Take ayurveda with you and enjoy your journey!