Fase 2 and we keep on improving your Immune system with the wisdom of Ayurveda

In a current scenario, Whole globe has been facing unprecedented pandemic
situation. Living beings are under threat by Covid -19 disease which has spread to
multiple nations.
Irrespective of national boundaries, racial boundaries, this viral condition has
entered most of the civilizations.
It’s essential for global communities to stand firm and united and proactively
attempt in a positive direction.
We should utilize all knowledge streams and wisdom that we have so that we get
out of this situation as early as possible.
Our efforts should be in such a way so that we can save our universe from the
current pandemic situation at the same time also get ready for similar probable
impending calamities in future .
Not only for medical fraternity but for every global citizen, its an ideal time to
introspect, its an ideal time to look inside and think over again why we have arrived
at this stage and what would be the road ahead ?
Considering current situation, certain gold standard guidelines like
1) Isolation / quarantine
2) Infection control through simple measures
a) Hand hygiene.
b) Social hygiene – sanitation
c) Respiratory etiquettes (using Masks outdoors , in case of cough or
sneez covering face with bent elbow )
3) Social distancing – (Interpersonal Safe Distance practices)
These are highly important and should be followed and practiced by every
individual .
Rather these practices are so important, that these should be practiced in future too
to avoid possible contagious diseases.

In order to limit the spread of virus, its highly important that it doesn’t get host
body for activation and multiplication, which can be achieved by social distancing
But at same time we need to pay attention towards the enhancement of immunity
At the time when global medical fraternity trying best to fight with the Covid 19
menace and its consequences, its also perfect time to brainstorm the best possible
ways of possible preventive remedies and adapt the concept of immunity
enhancement in our lifestyle.
When it comes to health perspective, Ayurveda being a holistic science aims
towards psychosomatic equilibrium through lifestyle modifications, detoxification
measures and therapeutic utilization of herbs and minerals.
Individualistic, biotype oriented preventive as well as curative aspect is the
hallmark of Ayurveda science.
Ayurveda classic Charaka-samhita mentions the topic called JANA-PADA-
VIDHVANS where bigger population gets affected by impurities of water, air, land
and time. During such calamities appropriet use of Rasayana herbs (immunity
enhancing herbs and modalities) has been advocated.

According to Ayurveda , Immunity enhancement is a constant process in which its
imperative to adapt certain lifestyle modifications, follow certain food and dietary
guidelines and utilize immuno-modulatory, antioxidant herbs, herbal combinations
in everyday life.

Many herbs, condiments, dietary supplements have been rationally, traditionally
used in Indian society for the same purpose.
To help boost immunity, we are going to see few simple remedies,
recommendations through  Ayurveda point of view which should be adopted in
regular lifestyle for longer duration.

1) Avoid cold food.
As much as possible, Try to have freshly prepared and warm
It will help your digestion and metabolism.
Cold, stale, old, frozen food certainly not a good choice when
you are thinking for immunity enhancement.
2) Avoid cold water, cold beverages to drink.

Drinking warm water would be the most preferable choice to
take care of your throat, and upper respiratory tract.
Drinking warm Ginger water throughout day can be advised to
everyone who has health issues like sinusitis, allergic rhinitis,
Bronchitis, bronchial Asthma, C.O.P.D.(chronic obstructive
pulmonary diseases), dust /pollen allergies.
Those who feel ginger water would be bit hot for them, they
can add coriander seed with ginger and prepare their drinking
 Now a days , many health experts,immunologist advise
Sipping hot water throughout day which seems to be
healthy remedy to reduce viral load.
3) Avoid cold air, direct flow of cold air on your face,
excessive use of A.C. and polluted air.
These factors may harm your respiratory system and
reduce your immunity.
4) Your kitchen should be your small pharmacy.
Try to use certain antiviral, immunomodulatory, anti-oxidant,
gastro-protective spices like curcuma, Ginger, Garlic ,Black
pepper, clove, Asa-foetida, anise, carom seeds, mint leaves,
cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, onions, black sesame seeds,
flax seeds in your everyday culinary recipes.
 You can use these spices for cooking purpose .everyday you
can use them along with your soups , salads, fruits.
These will not only enhance the test of your dishes but also add
nutritional values with therapeutic  effects.
Most of these herbs can help clean toxins from your internal
5) Tulasi (holy basil) is one of the important anti-viral,
immunity enhancer herb that can be used regularly.
Tea made up of Tulasi, Ginger, black pepper, Clove,
Cinnamon would be preferred for everyday consumption.

6) You can prepare following home remedy, and have it
every day which can benefit your respiratory tract and
For all those, with chronic allergies or respiratory issues this
remedy can prove boon if used regularly.

  • Ginger powder – 1 part
  • Curcuma powder – 1 part
  • Licorice powder – 1 part
  • Black pepper – ¼ part
  • Clove powder – ¼ part

Mix all these powders in the said proportion, mix them really
well, keep it in airtight container or jar.
Have 1 small spoon (aprx 2-3 gms) everyday mixed with
honey. One can have it twice or thrice a day depending upon
the upper respiratory symptoms.
7) If you have fresh ginger, then you can prepare ginger
juice which should be mixed with licorice powder and
enough honey and can be licked ¼ spoon twice or thrice
a day to boost immunity of your lungs.
8) If you are regular milk drinker then add turmeric and
ginger powder while boiling it then it would become
healthy drink. this golden milk is very popular in Indian

Avoid drinking milk for 2 to 3 hours after meals.
9) Fruits like pomegranate, papaya, mango, black grapes
(with seeds),fresh lemons ,
Dry-fruits like dry fig, almonds, raisins ,walnut in proper
quantity are immunity enhancer.
10) It is important to avoid eating fruits, desserts,
sweets,yogurt, milk products after heavy meals. they are
at their best when consumed empty stomach.
One should always sprinkle powder of ginger, black pepper
on top of fruits, desserts ,yogurt while consuming them
11) Chewing raw licorice wood or licorice extract tablets
can be also very beneficial.
12) Diet should be devoid of fast food, junk food with
coloring, flavoring agents. Industrial food should be
strictly avoided.

13) Wholesome diet in appropriate quantity at regular
time interval is key for healthy digestive system.
Evening meals should always be very light.

14) According to Ayurveda, Intermittent fasting is very
effective medicine itself. It enhances immunity if
practiced properly.
there are various ways to practise healthy fasting .
depending upon individual biotype and personal
requirement one should choose fasting schedule.

15) Dina-charya (Daily regimen) Rutu-charya (seasonal
regimen) are very special guided protocols mentioned in
Ayurveda, which emphasizes on maintaining body clock,
bodily rhythm, which enhances internal balance and
systemic strength.

16) Regular oil massage to whole body, daily physical
exercise, enough sleep are vital parts of daily regimen
resulting immunity enhancement .

17) Some of the classical Ayurveda herbal combinations

Sitopaladi Churna, Karpooradi churna, Talisadi churna,
Hingwashtak Churna ,Trikatu churna can be consumed by
mixing and preparing paste with honey.
with the guidance of Ayurveda consultant.

18) Chyavan-prash Avaleha – Chyavan prash is age old,
proven remedy for immunity enhancement. It’s an
exclusively prepared jam of anti-oxidant Amalaki
(indian goose beri) along with nearly 40 other herbs.
Regular consumption of chyavan-prash gives advantage in
terms of cardio-vascular endurance, enhanced respiratory
immunity, improved vigor.

19) Plants like
o Amamlaki (indian goose bery)
o  Tulasi (holy basil)
o  Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)
o Guduchi (tinospra cordifolia)
o Dashamoola (ten roots)
o Trifala (three fruits)
o Shatavary (Asparagus recemosus)

can be consumed as per constitution and as per
guidance of the Ayurveda consultant.

Certain  easy treatments like Nasya (nasal drops), Kaval(
gargeling ), Gandusha (holding oil in mouth ) can be
done at home itself.
20) Your throat can be resting location for any virus.
doing deep gargling, mouth wash (Kavala) with decoction
prepared with Trifala powder + turmeric powder + rock
salt (Himalaya salt) gives immense relief from itchy, sore
So if you feel any slight symptoms of throat, go for deep
gargling at bed time.
21) Oil pulling (Gandusha ) is also simple but effective
treatment for oral hygiene. sesame oil mixed with warm
water can be used for oil pulling for aproximately 5 to 10

22) Nasya – putting nasal drops in both nostrils is an
important treatment in Ayurveda.
It helps in prevention as well as for therapeutic purposes in
various health conditions.
For preventive purpose, Nasya with classical oils like Anu
tel, Vacha oil, Shada-bindu oil can be beneficial.
In case, they are not available then even sesame oil, cow
ghee, Almond oil or coconut oil can be administered in a
proper scientific way.
2-2 drops in each nostrils should be applied.

In current condition where we have fear of Covid 19 in the
air, regular Nasya can be nice balancing tool to boost our
confidence and immunity of respiratory tract.
But its important that Nasya at home should be administered
only in asymptomatic conditions.
If you have any upper respiratory symptoms like running
nose, cough, sneezing  then one should consult Ayurveda
doctor  before going ahead with Nasya.
23) Steam inhalation with boiled water added with mint
leaves, eucalyptus oil, gives relief from congestion of
respiratory path.
24) According to Ayurveda, optimistic mind, positive
thoughts are essential tools to boost immunity and
control any illness successfully.
Mental stress, Negative thoughts, pessimistic, disturbed
mind can give rise to pathology or increases, deepens roots
of illness in the body .
To keep the mind stable and positive, regular yoga,
pranayama (breathing exercises) meditation for 30 minutes
should be practiced.
Regular practice of Deep Breathings, Anuloma vilom,
Bhramari, Kapalbhati pranayama leads to balanced and
optimistic mind.

Thanks to corona, We have been witnessing the cleansing of
the air, water, rivers around us, climate is getting better in
terms of carbon emissions.
Let’s utilize this period, this opportunity for the cleansing of
our body and mind too.
Let’s Follow the principles of Ayurveda and yoga, let’s use the
wisdom ,
Let’s make this world better place to live, peaceful, happy and
healthy place to live.

Disclaimer – All the instructions mentioned in this article can be utilized to
enhance internal immunity and these are not the direct treatment modalities for
Covid -19 disease. One should consult authentic Ayurveda consultant as individual
guidelines may vary as per the individual constitution and pathological factors.
Dr Mahesh Patil

M.D.(ayurveda, Kerala),  M.A.(Sanskrit) D.Y.A.(yoga)
Consultant –
Vivekananda Ayurveda Chikitsalaya, Pune, India
Tanman Ayurveda research Centre, Pune ,India
Senior faculty – IAA (international Academy of Ayurveda, Pune)
Ex-professor- RGH Univrsity, Banglore.