Yoga for the summer

What do you expect when you go to a yoga class?

Many times we feel tempted to do different activities, to go to talks, courses, conferences, etc., because we are seduced by the title of the class or because perhaps we project in that activity something we want to find.

Yoga as an activity has a lot of press in these times and it is a question that can arise from the yoga instructor when one begins to take classes for the first time: Which are the motivations, desires or your expectations about yoga? Or in other words, what do you expect to receive when you go to a yoga class?

Among the most frequent answers is the idea that yoga helps to relieve body aches, for example, from bad postures or that it helps to relax states of stress or deeper emotional issues, or because one wants to have a more intimate state of connection with oneself. There can be many motivations and many different possible responses due to our individual differences. But the truth is that yoga will sometimes give you what you didn’t even imagine in the beginning. There is a common denominator to all these motivations when you start the practice and this common factor is that ultimately it is a personal experience, which although it starts in the body, reaches the mind and goes further until it touches the soul. Bearing in mind that what each one will understand by soul will also be personal.

In this month and with the beginning of the summer that begins in the solstice, we offer you a practice to do at home. Something that for beginners might seem daring and for the less novice may seem simple, from 3vedicas we share with you our own practice that motivates us and connects us with this season of heat and dryness and how to counteract its effect on our body, mind and soul.

The postures we suggest are refreshing and allow to lower Pitta and Vata, the doshas now increasing giving a sedative effect of relaxation and tranquility. Allowing you to connect with the energies of the earth and water.

We look forward to your comments if you would like to share your own yoga experience with 3vedicas if you have one or if you would like to have one.