Born in Barcelona on March 2, 1982.

My unconscious led me to study something of great personal satisfaction that helped me understand the universe in which we live, the Physical Sciences.

Seeing that physics did not give answers to questions that had been relevant in my life, curiosity led me to study consciousness, first at the hands of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, and later with the physicist and writer David Peat at his center in Pari (Italy) , “Pari center for new learning” . I studied with him some notions of “Jungian Psychology” and the “Theory of Synchronicity” (a bridge between mind and matter), while working as a teacher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

After two trips to India, one noon an old film recorded years ago fell to the ground that I had not yet seen: “Ayurveda, the art of living.” When I saw it, I was sure that something had changed and that a truth had been revealed: I had to know more about Ayurveda, one of the oldest and most recognised medical sciences (recognized together with Chinese medicine in 2002 by the WHO as traditional medicine).

Ayurveda and Yoga are my guide, they tell me the way to develop my consciousness, to live fully and in harmony with the cosmos.

  • Degree in Physical Sciences from the UAB (2005)

  • -Ayurvedic Nutrition by the Pune University.
  • -Advanced Ayurveda (Visharad) by the Pune University.
  • -Postgraduate Ayurveda Medicine (Nishanta) from the Pune University .
  • -Kabbalistic and Jungian studies on dreams and astrocalo, from the Kabaleb school.
  • -Reiki 1st level
  • -Buddhism “Gradual Course” at the Nagarjuna Buddhist Studies Centre in Barcelona.
  • -Synchronicity: bridge between mind and matter. At the “Pari Center” in Italy with physicists David Peat and Shantena Augusto Sabbadini.

Permanent training courses for teachers of:

  • -Mindfulness in the classroom
  • -Emotional Education
  • -Multiple intelligences
  • -NLP

Yoga philosophy and meditation teacher. Ayurveda therapist.

Mother of two child.

Yoga practitioner since the age of 17.


Ayurveda Nutrition

Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurveda Psychology (treatment of the mind with the help of Ayurveda and Yoga)

Meditation teacher

You can find me in person on the Costa Brava (Gerona) and in Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona).