Refreshing breathing

To counteract the effects of heat, we propose a refreshing breathing practice, we refer to Sitali which means cool. This pranayama refreshes the body, hence its name.

Its technique consists seeking a comfortable sitting posture, keeping the back upright and firm, the head horizontal. We can perform jñana mudra with our hands, a gesture of knowledge. Open the mouth and form an O with the lips and the tongue rolled out of the lips. This action with the tongue is said to be genetic and some people can not do it, in that case it is enough to position the lips in the form of an O and inhale as if you had a straw in your mouth. Inspiration is done with the mouth producing a sibilant sound (ssssssssa) until the lungs are completely filled. The air is sucked in as if through a straw. After complete inhalation, retract the tongue and close the mouth. Lower the head from the back of the neck to the trunk. The chin should rest in the hollow between the clavicles just above the breastbone. Then hold your breath for about 5 seconds. Exhale slowly through your nose, producing a Ujjayi-like sound. Lift your head and repeat this procedure 7 to 12 times. When you finish lie down in savasana or relax.

Among the effects produced when performing this pranayama we find a fresher body, relief for eyes and ears. It is beneficial in cases of mild fever and biliary disorders. It also activates the liver and spleen, improves digestion and relieves thirst.

It is not indicated for people suffering from heart problems.