Oat Hamburger

Do you lack of ideas for a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal?Today we want to continue offering you the recipes that work and nourish us at 3vedicas. We love to…

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Buddha bowl with buckwheat

Txeli's recipeThis is a page created to share, and what better than our recipes and, why not, your recipes so that together we nourish ourselves with good karma and we…

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The kitchen, Alchemy at homeHave you ever asked yourself why, from 3vedicas, the RECIPES section is an important part of our project?Perhaps many of you have asked us for ideas,…

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It's summer already! The good weather has arrived, and with it, the heat and the sun.  In this season we must take into account that Pitta is aggravated by the…

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Summer is coming, although with so much rain it doesn't seem so, so for this month we have prepared a recipe for spring samosas to keep Kapha under control taking…

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Today we'll make Hummus or Chickpea cream.For this we are going to need:    ½ jar of organic cooked chickpeas (about 250 gr)    a clove of garlic, no more, so it…

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The Pumpkin is a vegetable that has many properties that are beneficial to our body. It consists of 90% water and has hardly calories and carbohydrates. Instead it has many…

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Christmas is coming and preparing the menus is sometimes difficult. Some food that  is not very heavy but that everybody likes it, that it is original...From 3Vedicas we make you…

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